Your Japan expert

What we bring to the table

Leading-edge, multidisciplinary PR capabilities and an unrivaled roster of domestic contacts spanning Japan’s media, industry, government, NPOs, influencers, KOLs, and KDMs. Offices in Tokyo and Osaka—Japan’s two main media markets—bring local insights and nationwide coverage, while an extensive network of overseas partners equips us to deliver your message wherever, whenever.

Industry spectrum

Over more than half a century of work with clients from diverse sectors, we have built outstanding capabilities in a broad range of fields, including:





Consumer Electronics

Consumer Products



Food & Beverage








Communications toolbox

Whatever your communications goals, our team is always ready to meet the challenge head on, with top-level PR strategy and implementation in areas including:

Corporate Branding

CSR/CSV Communications

Digital Communications

Employer Branding

Event Planning

Product & Service Rebranding

Product/Service Launches

Public Affairs

Risk Management

CSI think tank & proprietary methods

Our brains are constantly at work for you through our internal think tank, the Corporate Communication Strategic Studies Institute (CSI). Working in tandem with leading academics, in-house experts grind out the hard data, establishing the frameworks to underpin effective communications campaigns and strengthen your position in the marketplace. See below for some samples of the CSI’s ever-expanding lineup of unique proprietary communication models and surveys:

Octopus Model

This model seeks to identify challenges for corporate PR in Japan based on an up-to-date grasp of the communications landscape, obtained through CSI’s biennial Corporate Communications Capability Survey, which invites responses from hundreds of registered businesses in Japan. An eight-pronged metric is used to assess respondents’ communications competency in the areas of corporate intelligence, analysis, strategy development, content creation, content delivery, relationship building, risk management, and organizational integration. The resulting data helps identify overall trends, which improves PR planners’ capability to provide tailored, company-specific advice.

Attractiveness Branding Model

The development of the Attractiveness Branding Model was underpinned by the CSI’s drive to understand what qualities consumers look for in a corporation. Launched in March 2016, the annual Attractiveness Branding Survey seeks to measure companies’ appeal and branding proficiency from three perspectives: human, financial, and product. In 2018, the most recent survey analyzed 200 businesses across 20 industries. The resulting data offers unique insights into what the Japanese public considers attractive in a company and how such qualities ought to be communicated.

Risk Management Pentagon Model

This model assesses companies’ risk preparedness in a range of areas in order to construct pre-emptive countermeasures, promote meticulous crisis management planning, enable the execution of effective action plans during actual crisis situations, and provide guidance on brand recovery.


A key challenge for all PR professionals is making sure that the desired message cuts through the clutter of information confronting consumers on a daily basis. PR IMPAKT provides a formula for engaging audiences, grabbing attention, and securing coverage. From highlighting unique factors and ensuring relevance to the target audience, to leveraging celebrities, keywords, statistics, and more, this model provides all the key ingredients for a successful media relations plan.

Reputation Matrix

This approach offers an integrated evaluation of exposure based on both quantitative and qualitative analysis of earned and shared media. Rather than outdated metrics like ad value equivalency, the focus is on actual impressions and surveys of target audience perception. Tools such as social listening, media analysis and intelligence, and research into target groups and the reputation of individual media are combined with our proprietary Attractiveness Branding Survey, yielding a 360-degree appraisal of the way your business is perceived.