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Changing Housework from a
(P&G Japan)

In Japan, conservative attitudes to gender roles, and the firmly ingrained stereotype that housework is women’s work, still exist today. This project applied a unique methodology, and as a result promoted a perception shift not only in individual households, but created a path for a broader change in attitudes throughout Japanese society.

2018 IPRA Golden World Award for Excellence
2018 Asia-Pacific SABRE Award
2018 Global SABRE Award

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Castle Keepsake
(Sakura Paxx)

When Kumamoto Castle suffered extensive damage in 2016’s catastrophic Kumamoto Earthquakes, its reconstruction became a symbol for the region’s recovery. But with work expected to take 20 years and cost over JPY 63 billion, it was vital to generate not only donations but also sustained awareness and affinity for the ongoing effort. Packaging specialist Sakura Paxx leveraged its expertise to create cardboard Kumamoto Castle model kits, donating proceeds to the restoration, and reframing time spent building the models as users’ own real-world contribution to the reconstruction.

2018 IPRA Golden World Award for Excellence

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Mofu Mofu Dogs
(Akita Inu Tourism)

Despite abundant charms that include sightseeing, festivals, and local produce, the northern part of Japan’s Akita Prefecture struggles to attract visitors due to limited access via air and public transportation. To address this issue, regional DMO Akita Inu Tourism (“Akita dog tourism”) enlisted the world-famous Akita dogs to communicate the prefecture’s appeal, in a quirky video leveraging the popularity in Taiwan of both Akita dogs and Japanese idol pop. Generating one million views in just two weeks, along with widespread media coverage, the video boosted international awareness of northern Akita, and also grew tourism to the region, particularly from Taiwan.

2017 PR Awards Asia
2017 IPRA Golden World Award for Excellence
2017 Asia-Pacific SABRE Award

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(Otsuka Pharmaceutical)

In Japan, reduced opportunities for families to eat meals together and fewer parents who cook with their children are factors contributing to solitary or missed meals, and therefore unbalanced nutrition. This also makes it difficult for children to learn about proper dietary habits and nutritional balance. The SketchCook campaign was designed to harness kids’ love of drawing, leveraging an interactive mobile app and AI technology to transform their food pictures into healthy recipes. As well as encouraging children to engage with nutrition, this playful application of technology has sparked a broader conversation and secured uptake of the SketchCook app by several schools in major cities.

2019 PR Awards Asia
2019 IPRA Golden World Award for Excellence


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