SAVE LIONS campaign shows the way for a new era of corporate environmental responsibility

September 16, 2020


All communications professionals will be well aware of the massive potential of businesses and other organizations as drivers of positive change. As highlighted in our recent articles on the communications challenges of COVID-19, the global pandemic has placed that potential—and that responsibility—even more firmly in the spotlight by reemphasizing the need for a worldwide shift towards a more sustainable society.

With animal stewardship, and human encroachment on the natural environment, both recognized as key risk factors when it comes to the threat of future pandemics, initiatives aimed at environmental and wildlife conservation take on an even greater significance. One recent Dentsu-PR supported campaign that can help show the way for such activities has been SAVE LIONS Project, a campaign by Japanese professional baseball club Seibu Lions to help rescue wild lions from extinction.

Having already earned recognition in June at PR Awards Asia 2020, this groundbreaking fusion of environmental activism with the power of sport as a unifying force, has now found favor with the judges at the 2020 IPRA Golden Awards for Excellence, taking prizes in three categories: Sports (Agency), Corporate Communications (Agency), and Corporate Responsibility (Agency).


Read more about the campaign, and about the IPRA Golden World Awards, in our official press release.

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Banner image: Seibu Lions infielder Hotaka Yamakawa and club president Hajime Igo, with Alison Beale of Oxford University’s Japan Office, and Seibu Lions mascots Leo and Lina

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