Dentsu Public Relations forms partnership with influencer marketing firm BitStar

November 6, 2020

With influencers commanding a growing reach as social media becomes an ever more integral part of our daily lives, building positive relationships with high-profile creators is now a key aspect of online corporate communications. In our latest move to strengthen our social branding capabilities, this summer saw Dentsu Public Relations enter into a partnership with influencer marketing firm BitStar, Inc. [ja], following an investment in BitStar by parent company Dentsu Group.

The alliance will see both firms combine our respective areas of expertise to provide comprehensive influencer marketing solutions to clients in both the public and private sectors. The new services enabled by the partnership include the development of shared media marketing solutions incorporating influencers; analysis and optimization of influencer marketing strategies; and the creation of a database that can be used to build long-term relationships with influencers.

Launched on August 26, the first joint project is CreatorsTV [ja], an audiovisual news platform that will see BitStar’s most trend-savvy creators report on the latest products and services across a variety of genres, from entertainment to lifestyle, food, beauty, and technology. Facilitating video production on a short lead time, the service supports companies in their digital PR initiatives with packages tailored to the latest media and communications landscape, with options for online ads, targeting content to a specific audience, and boosting reach by sharing content via influencers’ own platforms.

YouTuber Pesa tries out sushi graded by an AI robot in the first video on influencer news platform CreatorsTV
In the first video on the platform, YouTuber Pesa takes a look at a leading conveyor belt sushi chain’s use of AI technology and tries out tuna graded by a robot.

The new partnership comes at a time when changes to the digital landscape are making it increasingly necessary for companies to look beyond traditional, one-sided communications channels and capitalize on relationships with influencers to help promote positive word of mouth among consumers. At Dentsu Public Relations, we use the term “social branding” to describe the support of communications activities that enhance the value of a company or brand by leveraging influencers’ reach on digital platforms.

Dentsu Public Relations President & CEO Masahiro Makiguchi summed up the excitement surrounding the partnership: “At a time of rapid change in both interpersonal relationships and society itself, Dentsu Public Relations is honored to work together with a communications pioneer like BitStar. By enabling both companies to boost our expertise and expand the value we provide, this partnership has renewed our resolve to conduct our business for the benefit of society.”

Finally, to guarantee peace of mind for clients and consumers alike, Dentsu Public Relations and BitStar—both members of WOM Japan Marketing Association—have pledged to abide by WOMJ guidelines [ja], which call for transparency in influencer marketing and paid promotions.


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