Online Cannes Lions retrospective: 10 years of innovative PR campaigns

June 1, 2020


Post COVID-19, millions around the world are finding themselves having to adapt to the new normal. Businesses and the media, too, are feeling the impact, and the field of PR is no exception. 

Among the many events forced to cancel or postpone this year has been the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, one of the world’s largest gatherings for the creative marketing community and, along with the corresponding Cannes Lions Awards, among the highlights of the PR industry calendar. 

Since the inauguration of a dedicated PR category in 2009, Cannes Lions has consistently recognized the most innovative and imaginative public relations campaigns from around the world, particularly those that seek to provoke discussion around a range of social issues. 

And in this unprecedented time, when the power and importance of strong communications are felt particularly keenly, and the exploration of new platforms has become a practical necessity, Cannes Lions’ Japan-based representative Nikkei Inc. has created a major online retrospective showcasing some of the most strikingly original and impactful campaigns of the last ten years. 


Screenshot: online exhibition by Nikkei Inc looking back over 10 years of PR at Cannes Lion (Dentsu PR)
The online exhibition provides insights into classic campaigns in both Japanese and English.

Launched on June 1, Cannes PR Lions 10 Year Exhibition in Japan provides a comprehensive overview of campaigns chosen for their significance in relation to 10 key themes: gender-related issues (women’s empowerment, gender equality); diversity (LGBTQ issues); inclusion (disabilities); eradication of gun crime; incurable disease and disease awareness; domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying; racism; environmental issues; prevention of traffic accidents; and food and healthcare.

With more content to come from June 22, this bilingual retrospective is sure to provide valuable insights for communications professionals and media studies students alike. Featured works include Second Life Toysa 2016 campaign for the Green Ribbon Project CommitteeLed by Dentsu Inc., with support from Dentsu PR, the initiative leveraged children’s toys to raise awareness of issues surrounding child organ transplants

Visit Cannes PR Lions 10 Year Exhibition in Japan

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