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Banner image: Lions Good News 2020 expands June's Cannes PR Lions 10 Year Exhibition with a collection of positive stories from the creative industries
Lions Good News 2020: Creativity provides ray of sunshine in difficult year

June’s groundbreaking online Cannes retrospective has been expanded with Lions Good News 2020, a collection of positive stories from the creative industries in a year dogged by disruption and ill tidings.

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Banner image: Dentsu PR picked up two gold and one silver at PR Awards Asia 2020
Triple success at PR Awards Asia 2020

Dentsu PR performed strongly at PR Awards Asia 2020, bringing home three awards in three categories for campaigns conducted alongside parent company Dentsu Inc.

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Banner image: Coronavirus close up; COVID-19 has forced businesses around the world, including in public relations, to adapt to the new normal

With COVID-19 forcing businesses around the world to adapt to the normal, PR practitioners are also having to explore new approaches.

COVID-19: Three Communications Responses (Part I)

As businesses around the world are forced to adapt to the new normal, how are Japan’s communications professionals responding to COVID-19?

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Screenshot: online exhibition by Nikkei Inc looking back over 10 years of PR at Cannes Lion (Dentsu PR)

Launched June 1, Cannes PR Lions 10 Year Exhibition in Japan is a major online retrospective of classic PR campaigns.

Online Cannes Lions retrospective: 10 years of innovative PR campaigns

June 1 saw the launch of Cannes PR Lions 10 Year Exhibition in Japan, a major online retrospective of some of the most innovative, impactful, and socially progressive PR campaigns of the past decade.

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Gen Z

Generation Z have had smartphones since they were in high school, and their sensibilities have been shaped by their exposure to all kinds of information from around the world

Trend Report: Generation Z says sayonara to labels

Who are Japan’s Generation Z, and how does their outlook differ from their Millennial predecessors? In the first installment of a regular series, our Trend Report team examines how best to engage a demographic that is rapidly emerging as a major player.

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Kazunori Azeyanagi (right), outgoing President & CEO of Dentsu Public Relations, meets Richard J. Ellings, Co-founder, President Emeritus, and Counselor at the National Bureau of Asian Research.

On the move: Dentsu PR joins US-based think tank’s Chairman’s Council

Keeping our finger on the pulse of international trends is an integral part of Dentsu PR’s long-term vision and mission. We recently marked another significant milestone in our efforts to expand strategic global ties, as we joined the Chairman’s Council of prominent US-based think tank, the National Bureau of Asian Research.

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Six tips for doing PR in Japan

Despite challenges ranging from persistent deflation to a rapidly aging population, Japan remains the world’s third-largest economy by nominal GDP. As well as boasting productive industry, active stock markets, and a booming tourism sector, the country provides a base of operations for some of the world’s largest corporations, both domestic and multinational.

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