Who we are

Our story

With more than half a century of expertise in reputation management, we provide leading-edge support across the PR spectrum, from media relations, to digital communications, public affairs, crisis management, employer branding, and more. For optimal reach both domestically and globally, we leverage an extensive network that spans the entire Dentsu Group and Dentsu-Aegis network, as well as MSL offices worldwide.

Our approach

In pursuit of your continuing success, we leverage multidisciplinary capabilities to reach key stakeholders across an increasingly complex media ecosystem. With social innovation as our guiding principle, in-depth research provides the strong platform required for strategic storytelling and all-round positioning support.

Masahiro Makiguchi
President & CEO

Our vision for the future

As society continually changes, so do the individuals that constitute that society. It goes without saying that the value we at Dentsu Public Relations provide and the role we fulfill are also constantly evolving.

As we continue to explore the fundamental role of public relations in contemporary communications, at times we will transcend accepted boundaries, and in the process redefine the very essence of our field. In fact, it is not an overstatement to say that those breakthroughs are the very reason we do what we do.

Through our work with clients, their customers, and beyond, we strive to contribute to an ever-better society. That is the guiding principle for each and every one of us at Dentsu Public Relations.

Meet the team

Yoichi Fujikawa
Executive Director
Business Integration Department

  • 30 years of multi-sector PR experience
  • Expert in corporate & marketing communications
  • Aided Japan-Korea bid for key 2002 sports event

“Throughout my three decades here, Dentsu Public Relations has constantly remained at the forefront of PR in East Asia. That remains true today, and our diverse team of planners is always ready to leverage our rich experience and unique knowhow to help you achieve your communication goals in Japan.”

Stefanie Wakata
Global Communications

  • 20+ years as account/project manager
  • Strategic planning & implementation
  • International management consulting

“Living and working in Europe, the US, and Asia has taught me that PR is like a sophisticated recipe combining ingredients like creative thinking, strategic planning, and knowledge of media and market conditions, to create a thought-provoking message that sparks the listener’s interest. A compelling story must move you, energize you, and broaden your horizons.”

Akio Kobayashi
Executive Project Manager
Global Communications

  • Business development consulting
  • Two decades in international client sales
  • Ex-Japan/Korea lead for major wire service

“The right way to frame your story varies depending on your market, but some things hold true wherever you are. A strong message should grab your attention, speak to you on a personal level, and include a call to action—all in terms that are easy for anyone to understand.”

Tatsunori Abe
Planning Director
Global Communications

  • Expert in brand consulting & management
  • Integrated creative direction
  • Risk management/internal communications

“It’s impossible to sum up this profession in a single comment. But I relish the opportunity to be out there on the front line, constantly working with clients and external partners to ensure we achieve maximum impact among our target audience.”

Yuki Koda
Project Manager
Global Communications

  • Stakeholder network coordinator
  • HR specialist
  • 17 years with Dentsu PR

“Every day as a PR practitioner brings fresh challenges and fresh insights. It’s always exciting to be part of the constant flow of information that shapes both social discourse and the world around us.”

David McMahon
Language Consultant
Global Communications

  • Specialist in content generation/localization
  • Broadcast-quality script consulting
  • Speechwriting & presentation support

“My career path has not necessarily been a typical one, taking in education, translation, and both print and broadcast media. But what all those fields have in common is a keen focus on language. We know how important it is to find the right words for the right moment, and you can trust us to do just that.”

Hikaru Haga
Global Communications

  • Specialist in international client liasons
  • Experienced coordinator for VIP delegations
  • Expertise in healthcare/pharma

“We may be one of Japan’s longest-established PR agencies, but that doesn’t mean we rest on past successes or rely on outmoded approaches. One of our key strengths is our continual analysis of the latest PR methodologies.”

Kimberley Morgan
Language Consultant
Global Communications

  • Award-winning translator
  • Bilingual project coordination
  • Regional government experience

“The language barrier is one of the key challenges for both global companies launching public relations campaigns in Japan and domestic companies expanding into the international market. As a language consultant, my goal is to get your point across in the most effective and culturally nuanced way possible.”

Mao Sen
Global Communications

  • Fluent Chinese user with HSK level 6
  • Extensive experience in sports marketing
  • International event planning & execution

“Growing up in a tri-cultural family and spending time with our Chinese sister company DPRC helped me see that though the world is full of so many different cultures and languages, some things are universal. Ultimately PR is about tapping into that to make people smile through the power of communication.”

Image credits:
  • Shiodome City Center, Dentsu PR Staff (except Stefanie Wakata) – Katsuya Nishimura, Dentsu Public Relations
  • Stefanie Wakata – Yuki Seli