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Our world is not just about the here and now. Collectively, we must take responsibility for future generations. At Dentsu Public Relations, our guiding principle is the creation of fresh value and frameworks that drive a paradigm shift towards a better, more sustainable society.

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Since our founding in 1961, through work with a wide range of domestic and international clients, we have striven to remain one step ahead of Japan’s complex media landscape. Constantly in sync with an evolving public relations environment, our team provides support and solutions that drive clients’ brands by creating new value for society at large.

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Our deep understanding of innovative PR planning, combined with strategic outreach to a wide network of media, stakeholders, influencers, and key decision makers, has provided a platform for the branding success of numerous domestic and international clients.

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Your Japan expert

As the world’s third-largest economy, Japan represents an attractive prospect for overseas business expansion. Yet the country’s unique media environment poses great challenges for newcomers to a market where global norms of corporate communications do not necessarily apply. From targets, to timing, to tone, Dentsu Public Relations has a long history of helping overseas-based clients bridge this gap.

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Banner image: Lions Good News 2020 expands June's Cannes PR Lions 10 Year Exhibition with a collection of positive stories from the creative industries

Lions Good News 2020: Creativity provides ray of sunshine in difficult year

June’s groundbreaking online Cannes retrospective has been expanded with Lions Good News 2020, a collection of positive stories from the creative industries in a year dogged by disruption and ill tidings.

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Banner image: Dentsu PR picked up two gold and one silver at PR Awards Asia 2020

Triple success at PR Awards Asia 2020

Dentsu PR performed strongly at PR Awards Asia 2020, bringing home three awards in three categories for campaigns conducted alongside parent company Dentsu Inc.

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Banner image: Coronavirus close up; COVID-19 has forced businesses around the world, including in public relations, to adapt to the new normal

With COVID-19 forcing businesses around the world to adapt to the normal, PR practitioners are also having to explore new approaches.

COVID-19: Three Communications Responses (Part I)

As businesses around the world are forced to adapt to the new normal, how are Japan’s communications professionals responding to COVID-19?

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